Assalamualaikum wr.wb
Dear My students of 5th semester of Academic writing.

This is a google form which contains your detail and file of UTS WRITING PROJECT. This is a progress report of your effors to develop a better academic writing . in order to make it clear please read and do the following instruction:
1. download and study this material

  1. Develop your ideas into several paragraphs along with the data from books, E-books, journals and websites. You may find it free on , , , ,, , ,
  2. avoid plagiarism by using, check your grammar for free by using, and use better machine than google translate ,
  3. avoid plagiarism by taking only the ideas of the author and making citation is compulsory. the suggested citation style is using APA 6th edition citation style. see this link for details: is waajib or compulsory to give your opinion on your topics. your personal opinion relflects your excellent critical thinking.
6. wes ngono ae. ndang digarap dan upload. ini lho

wassalamualaikum wr.wb
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