The Representation of Power in the Text News on the Meiliana Case (A Norman Fairclough Critical Discourse Analysis)

Proceedings of the International Seminar on Recent Language, Literature, and Local Cultural Studies (BASA 2018)

Faizal Risdianto, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Noor Malihah
Corresponding author
Faizal Risdianto
Representation of Power, Tanjungbalai, Meilana, Critical Discourse Analysis, News Texts
This paper presents the results of news text analysis about The Meiliana Case: How a noise complaint resulted in an 18-month jail sentence by using Norman Fairclough’s critical discourse analysis approach as a major theory. The study includes a description (text analysis), interpretation (discourse practices), and the explanation (social practices). The results are as follows. (1) Structure of news text analysis about The Meiliana Case was built by four units of discourse: the headline, orientation, sequence of events, closing. The positive ideology of the conflicting sides and the institutions (government, experts) are represented through the modalities and positive sentences. Meanwhile, negative ideology is represented by prohibition speech and negative sentences. (2) The events of what happened, who was involved, what is the relationship with the issues raised, and the role of language can be expressed through the interpretation of the discourse practices. (3) The situation when the news text was produced, the influence of the institution (conflicting sides involved) to the text produced, and the condition of the people of Tanjungbalai, North Sumatra related to economic, political, social, and cultural interests; all of them can be explained by their socio-cultural context
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